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Don’t Be Insecure! Be Insured With The Best Travel Insurance!

Get Travel Insurance Services Being at Home, Know How?

Life is not a pre-decided script, it’s a journey of exploring unknown paths, one has to move from one point to another and then to some another point. Travel and life are full of surprises. Nobody knows when a shock can turn into beautiful surprise and a surprise can turn into a shock. Though this Journey is unpredictable, don’t be insecure. Be insured with travel insurance while travelling. There can be an emergency while you are travelling alone or with your family members. Don’t let any emergency burden your pocket while you are on tour. For the financial support get insured with Forexbazaar insurance services. Get the best travel insurance while being at home on Forexbazaar and get peace of mind absolutely free!

Why is it necessary to get travel insurance?

When we travel, we care about visa, air tickets, and hotel bookings but not at all about travel insurance. We don’t feel the need for insurance until we do it. An emergency is beyond time, place and situation. It can strike in at any point, at any place and at any time. We cannot completely control it but we can always get over it, it just becomes easier with travel insurance.

How much does overseas travel insurance costs?
Per person, it costs almost nothing.
Cost of travel insurance is directly proportional to

  • The age of the Traveller

  • The country you are travelling to

  • The radius of coverage (that is what all is included like last minute flight cancelation, passport loss etc.)

  • The number of days of stay.

Approximately overseas travel insurance costs INR 250 for a person aged 0 to 40 years travelling Europe for 2 days. By paying just INR 315 he/she can claim up to EUR 100000 (Conditions Applied). For detailed information refer to the chart.

What does international travel insurance gives back in return?

Travel insurance gives Peace of mind and a tremendous feeling of security at the cost of a Bollywood movie ticket. When you feel secure you have much more confidence to explore, to enjoy and only then your leisure travel becomes real leisure.

Still searching for more reasons to get insured?

Let’s read the story of Mr. Alright who later got popular as Mr. Great.

Mr. Alright who is a young gentleman in his early 30’s goes on a leisure trip to Spain for 7 days, on the 6th day while he was shopping in Madrid. He unfortunately, met with a car accident. Fortunately, he survives with a minor fracture on his left leg, he is been hospitalized for 4 days which forcefully extended his 7 days trip into 11 days. The burden for extra 4 days and ticket cancelation charges bumped to his travel budget.

After that incident, Mr. Alright thought and realized something. He went to Forexbazaar and checked about travel insurance services and got his future trip to the USA insured. Now, he advocates travel insurance benefits to people around him. Eventually, his friends and family members realised the importance of travel insurance and got to know that it’s not expensive at all. Mr. Alright has been fondly called Mr. Great by his dear ones. If such an emergency arrives at him or his dear ones they all will be financially secured on their trips.

Smartness comes with Awareness.

Be aware to be smart because Alright is just so lame now.
Now Mr. Alright is smart and without Smartness nothing is alright for him.
He says he has certain confidence when he is insured. Insurance gives a certain confidence as a by-product.

Rational and emotional benefits of travel insurance:

Rational Benefits:

  • Your Journey is financially secured against emergencies

  • Monetarily there is only cheap travel insurance, compared to the amount paid and amount claimed in consideration of radius of coverage. Travel Insurance is win-win investment provided you choose the right one.

Emotional Benefits:

  • Peace of mind:

    No financial threats against unfortunate emergencies.

  • Confidence Booster:

    When you know, emergencies are covered; you have nothing to worry for then only you are super confident like celebrities and enjoy your holidays to the max. Attain Shanti! Travel Insured Leisure Trip.

How to get insured at Last minute?

  • Visit Forexbazaar

  • Click on Travel Insurance tab

  • Fill the details, check the chart and order, you will receive a confirmation call

  • The Forexbazaar Executive will take care of the rest

  • Congratulations! Now your journey is insured!

What are the features of great travel insurance?

When you are researching to get travel insurance , you will witness the clutter of insurance packages offering something better than the other. The good number of companies in India is into travel insurance services, which allows travellers to choose the best. How to spot the best travel insurance in India?
If you end buying multiple insurance policies to cater your insurance needs, certainly none of the policies you purchased are the best one.
The best travel insurance in India will be the one policy that will be efficient enough to cover all your Travel insurance needs. Right from the loss of baggage to falling sick in foreign lands, the one that covers all the possible and known uncertainty is certainly the best to choose.

Why Forexbazaar is the best for travel insurance?

  • One is sufficient:

    You don’t need multiple policies at all.International travel insurance will cover all your insurance needs. Keep simple and sorted: Choose from Asia/Europe/worldwide/USA &Canada.
    For Travelling anywhere within Asia you can opt for Asia Plan, based on your age, number of days you are on Trip and the maximum amount you want to claim.
    Same goes for Europe, USA & Canada. Worldwide Plan is excluding USA & CANADA.

    For Frequent Travellers, we have an annual package to serve your specific need. Click to know more.

  • Hassle free claims:

    Unlike many Insurance companies, we have simple guidelines to follow the instructions and get what is yours without any hustle.

  • Secured Website:

    When transacting online it is very important to transact only from the secured websites. Being an ultra-secured Website Forexbazaar eliminates the risk of data hacking. To purchase Forex and to purchase travel insurance trust the most trusted.

  • Save time:

    Time is the most precious asset in today’s lifestyle, especially when you are from the Metro cities like Mumbai. Searching an agent and going through various travel insurance plans may lead you to waste a lot of your time in negotiating for the best ones to hunt in terms of coverage and value. There are chances you may end up buying multiple policies

  • Complete guidance on call:

    Once you requested a call back on the given mobile number, our experts will call you back and inform all the necessary documents.
    Approaching an actual travel agent for travel insurance may be time-consuming and you may not have sufficient time to actually meet someone. The best way to save on travel insurance and get the best deal on policy is to buy travel insurance online.

Trust the most trusted to get the most.

Forexbazaar is the most trusted platform for online buying and selling Forex. While ordering foreign currency, order Travel insurance too, it costs almost nothing compared to the returns. Also, Travel Insurance is mandatory for travellers travelling to European countries. However, when travelling to other parts of the world remember the benefits of insurance and set it in your priority list.

Forexbazaar wishes you Insured and secured Journey!!!