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Still Holding Your Foreign Currency? Just Sell Forex Online At Ease!

Convert Your Forex Card Balance Into Rupees Instantly!

Loaded with beautiful memories? Got a lot of gifts and chocolates for your dear ones and some unused Foreign currency too, also your Forex card still has money left in it? If you are not a frequent overseas traveller and do not want to store the currency for your next trip. What are you going to do with this leftover foreign currency in Mumbai? It is wise to sell the foreign currency at the best Forex rates on Forexbazaar instead of blocking the liquid asset.

Sell Forex Online by being at the comfort of your own home, use your computer or mobile phone to visit Forexbazaar and sell it at a click. Foreign currency will be collected at your home or office and Indian rupees will be handed to you on the spot or you can get the amount instantly transferred into your bank account.

Why Holding Foreign Currency for Longer is not Economically Wise?

Money Blocked:

Foreign currency cannot be used to buy products or services in India at the local marketplace. Hence the money invested in buying the currency is blocked with no interest earned on it.

Fluctuating Rates:

Holding a foreign currency can be risky. Foreign currency rates depend on many factors and that is why their value keeps fluctuating. There are high chances that a value of a particular currency will shoot up and give you a profit of storing it also there are high chances that a value of a particular currency may go down and you may end up losing money for storing it. However, holding currency for longer is not advisable unless you are an economic expert.

If you have saved foreign currencies from your last trip and you are not a frequent traveller, there is no point in holding it; you can sell foreign currency online at Forexbazaar to get better rates.

How to Sell Foreign Currency in Mumbai?

Selling currency in Mumbai is not a task as it’s easier to find Forex dealer all around the city. Traditional Forex outlets, Local Forex dealers buy foreign currencies at the rate of their choice, if you are talented enough and have quite free time you can bargain and try your best to get good rate. In today’s busy world where business are becoming more customer centric and are built to save customer’s time, why would you end up at some Forex dealer shop to sell your foreign currency also when you can sell it online or do doorstep Forex just at a click on your mobile phone, so selling foreign currency the traditional way is not the best way for sure. Sell foreign currency online in Mumbai at Forexbazaar for convenience and better rates.

Why Online Forex?

Mumbai is a busy city of highly productive people. Lifestyle does not spare any time to spend on things which is not so regular. Intervention of technology in Mumbaikar’s life has added speed to their lifestyles. Ordering food online, booking cab and shopping the best clothes at the comfort of offices and homes and getting it delivered at doorstep adds time and value in our busy schedules. Why to invest time and fuel just to reach traditional Forex outlets when doorstep Forex is available at a click on Forexbazaar. Avail Forex services instantly at your fingertips.

Documents Needed to Sell Forex Online:

As per the Government of India, to sell Forex you need to submit the following documents, which will be collected by Forexbazaar executive at your doorstep.

  • For Foreign currency values up to USD 200, an Identity proof is necessary.

  • For Foreign currency values more than USD 200, a government authorized Identity proof is a must.

  • For Foreign currency values more than USD 500, Passport copy is compulsory.

  • For higher amounts more than USD 5000, a (CDF) currency declaration form is mandatory. CDF can be collected at the airport.

The amount received after selling foreign currency will be of equivalent value in Indian Rupees as per the given rate. You can either get the amount delivered in cash at your home or office or you can directly get it into your desired bank account.

Sell Foreign Currency in 4 Steps From Your Home.

  • Just Forexbazaar and Enter

    Visit Forexbazaar website, choose the currency and enter the amount you want to sell.

  • Enter Traveller Details

    Check the latest currency rates. Enter the traveller’s detail and choose the delivery options.

  • Order Confirmation

    Receive a confirmation call on the given mobile number.

  • Home Pickup and Delivery

    Once the order is confirmed, depending on the delivery options you have chosen, our executives will be at your premises to collect the foreign currency and they will handover Indian Rupees to you in cash or will transfer it to your desired bank account.

You can also visit the Forexbazaar outlet to sell the foreign currency at the best rates.

How to Sell Forex Online at The Best Rate?

Finance market is a Live Market, it is meant to move and the currency market is not an exception in it. Currency rate fluctuates on daily basis. The value of a currency depends on the stocks in the market. How about getting the best selling rate? Online Forex amplifies its benefits for its users.

Get Notified For The Currency Rate You Choose!

On Forexbazaar website, you can set rate alerts for a particular currency. Once the rate of the currency matches the value you have set, you will get notified on your mobile phone. Forexbazaar sends SMS alerts to the given mobile number. Get notified to sell Forex online at your desired price with the Rate Alert feature on Forexbazaar. You don’t have to hunt the entire city to get the best selling rates to sell your foreign currency.
Online Forex Services are The Best!
On Forexbazaar you can also,

  • Buy Foreign Currency:

    Buy foreign currency at the best Forex rates.

  • Education Forex:

    Remit money from India to your dear ones studying abroad. Also, pay foreign University/college fees from India.

  • Exchange Foreign Currency:

    Exchange one country’s currency with another country’s currency at the optimum exchange rate.

  • Get Insured:

    Get the peace of mind by getting insured online.

  • Forex card:

    Forex card is safer compared to cash for travellers. Now, buy best Forex cards for students at Forexbazaar.

Holding foreign currency in cash for long doesn’t make any point for non frequent travellers. Also, many people find selling foreign currency a hectic job as it involves time and research but not any more in the extremely busy city of Mumbai because Forexbazaar is dedicated to ease Mumbaikar’s life when it comes to selling foreign currency. Enjoy the convenience and sell foreign currency online only on Forexbazaar at the best rate.

When it comes to selling foreign currency, currency rate is an important factor. To sell foreign currency at the same rate you have purchased it, may not be possible as the rates keep fluctuating with the market. You can be profited or may lose money depending on the rate you have purchased your currency, but you can definitely sell it at the best available rates only on Forexbazaar without any hassle.

Visit our website Forexbazaar, enter the amount and choose the foreign currency you want to sell it. Our dedicated team of experts will contact you on phone and visit you to collect the foreign currency and deliver you Indian Rupee in cash or you can directly get the money transferred to your bank account. Looks like you are sorted! Mumbai’s the best Forex provider is at your service for all your Forex needs. Connect to Forexbazaar to Sell Forex Online.

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