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Foreign Outward Remittance

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Humanity is going global and technology is making humans local. Travelling to another country is a great opportunity to explore and experience the other part of the world but sometimes foreign currencies can be a challenging part of this process. Today’s humanity is divided majorly by countries and currencies, and united by Visa & Remittance.

Being a student, exploring new countries and different cultures is a fruitful adventure. This surely broadens the horizons of opportunities; the Cherry on the cake is that Universities all over the world are welcoming students. These days getting a Student Visa is not a tedious task anymore and as a result, the number of students flying for overseas education has exponentially increased recently in India. Forexbazaar is the best company for foreign outward remittance in Mumbai.Foreign remittance & student remittance is a very important element if someone wants to pursue higher education abroad. Paying University fees, outward remittance, education remittance, is so easy now with the boon of technology.

What is Remittance?

Remittance in simple terms is transfer of funds. Initially, Individuals in need for money travelled far away from their natives to developed cities for earning and maintaining their livelihood. They transfer money back to their homelands to financially support their families. Within a country or within an economic system, transferring money is easier as the currency remains the same. Gradually transportation improved, Individuals moved out of their countries to the developed countries for greater opportunities. People from foreign lands transferred or remitted money to their families in their native countries. As currencies differ from country to country, it needs money changers like Forexbazaar for remittance services.

Remittance is of two types, Inward Remittance & Outward Remittance.

India is the most leading country when it comes to Inward Remittance

Asia is the world's largest receiver of remittance. In 2015, India alone received remittance more than US$ 68.5 Billion which is the highest among Asian countries. Remittance contributed 4% GDP of India. Non-resident Indians (NRIs) employed outside India send money to their families, friends & relatives in India.

Foreign Outward Remittance:

Foreign outward remittance is money transferred from India to other parts of the world.

Student Remittance:

Parents & Blood Relatives remit money to their dear ones studying abroad using Forexbazaar to fulfil their necessities as maintenance.

You can use Forexbazaar to remit money directly to foreign Universities bank account to pay fees and save money. Education remittance is a popular term for such foreign outward remittance.

Remittance for Travellers:

When your employees are on Business Trips, you can send money to their Travel cards or directly pay their hotel bills from Mumbai using our foreign outward remittance services.

While you are on a leisure trip and short of money, you can ask your dear ones to remit money using Forexbazaar from Mumbai.

Corporate Remittance:

You can pay money to your service providers or Vendors in abroad; this type of remittance is called B2B remittance or trade remittance. As a business, you can refund your customer’s amount in foreign land with our Remittance Services.

How to Order Remittance like a Mumbaikar?

Ordering Remittance from Mumbai for your dear ones is simpler than ever before. When it comes to foreign outward remittance you can completely rely on our Forex services. Either you want to pay fees of foreign universities or simply transfer money to your blood relatives employed there.

Remit Money Out of India in 4 Easy Steps:

Step-1 : Visit Forexbazaar website; fill the details as asked to get the Quote
Step-2 : Prepare your Documents
Step-3 : Receive a confirmation call from our Team and order Remittance.
Step-4 : Get your money Remitted to the account within 2 working days.
It is as easy as online shopping with just an addition of documentation to it. Documentation is mandatory for remittance as per the rule.

Documents required for Foreign Outward Remittance:

To transfer money abroad you will have to submit:

  • PAN Card is a must

  • A self-declaration regarding relationships with the beneficiary.

  • Copy of a Passport & Aadhar Card as Address proof.

We know, sometimes travelling out of the country can be hectic as it involves a lot of checks but it is exciting too. We at Forexbazaar dedicate ourselves to keep up your excitement and happiness for travelling abroad! We make sure when it comes to Remittance we provide you a hassle-free experience. We are committed to getting the best Remit rates for you. We are a full-fledged Money Changer authorized by RBI; our head office is located in Mumbai to serve you the best.
For Forex, Mumbaikars choose only Forexbazaar

  • Forexbazaar is a pioneer in the Foreign exchange e-commerce business in India.

  • Forexbazaar is Mumbai based RBI Authorized FFMC (Full-Fledged Money Changer).

  • Home pickup & delivery services all over the city Mumbai.

  • Home pickup & delivery services all over the city Mumbai.

  • Head Office based in Mumbai.

  • Best customer Service Guaranteed!

Choosing Forexbazaar.com is great! Because...

  • Secured & Robust:

    The community of Data Hackers is flourishing with the rise in a number of internet users, data security on internet matters more when you are transacting money. Online transaction is common these days and so is hacking. When transacting online it is very important to transact only from a secured website. Being an ultra-secured website Forexbazaar eliminates the risk of cybercrime.

  • Transparency:

    Transparency is what our country needs and we are the lover of transparency too. Currency rates are displayed on the website to maintain transparency, which helps our users to compare.

  • User-Friendly Experience:

    The User Interface of Forexbazaar website is tried, tested and evolved to provide visitors a user-friendly website to order remittance online, the website is designed such that user does not require great computer skills to order Forex & Remittance

  • Best Deal All Over Mumbai:

    We have the best rate in the city, for our customers much better deals than leading Banks in the country.

  • Remit Money Within 2 Working Days Instantly:

    High-end technology at Forexbazaar helps in transferring money in any part of the world instantly within seconds.

  • Lower Service Charges:

    Apart from being able to provide fast and secure Forex services we also provide services at affordable rates.

  • Guaranteed Services:

    We offer best rates for Remittance; you will save money on remittance with us.

Why Trust Forexbazaar?

We are RBI Authorised money changer and one of the most trusted Forex service providers in Mumbai . Our website is secured and absolutely robust to handle high traffic. Transparency is a part of our value system. Live currency rates, SMS alert for the best rate makes us stand out from the clutter. Always stay updated with Forexbazaar for your Forex transactions.

Forexbazaar is dedicated to make the process of Forex easier for every Mumbaikar travelling abroad by providing best Forex products and services. Forexbazaar aims to be the first choice of every Mumbaikar. Our products include.

  • Remittance

  • Cash Forex

  • Travel Cards

  • Travel Insurance

  • Travellers Cheque

Are you planning to go abroad for study and looking for cheapest student remittance services from India? Just try us Forexbazaar Mumbai and we will get you the best rate for student remittance.