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Foreign Currency Exchange

Are You Still Searching for Doorstep Foreign Currency Exchange Services in Mumbai?

Check Live Foreign Currency Rates at Forexbazaar!

Money is Energy. Foreign Currency is a stored energy which has to be exchanged to utilize it in local. Forexbazaar is a pioneer in foreign currency exchange services in Mumbai. For Mumbaikars, getting currency exchanged at best foreign currency rates has never been this convenient before Forexbazaar Mumbai. Getting the best foreign currency exchange rates, exchanging currency at finger tips, getting currency delivered at your own doorstep is so effortless with us. Get your currency exchanged from Mumbai’s own money changer.

How to Get Your Foreign Currency Exchange in Mumbai?

The Metropolitan city of India has plenty of options to exchange foreign currency.

Kiosk at Airport:

Kiosk machines at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, Mumbai makes possible to exchange currency. Kiosk machines all over the world charge extra for foreign exchange, traveller may lose a good amount of the cash they need, by Money exchange services at Airport irrespective of the country they are in.

Local Shops near Airport:

Unauthorized Agencies near Airport may be good for last-minute currency exchange but the amount you may lose depends on how good a negotiator you are.

Banks in India:

RBI Authorised Banks are a traditional source to get money exchanged; however, the bank near your house may deny exchanging money, if you do not have an account with them. Also, as convenience fees you may be charged for exchanging money.

Banks Abroad:

Banks abroad charge good money for exchanging Indian currencies also; Forex Card is preferred more than the cash.

Traditional Forex Outlet:

Traditional Forex Outlets are popular for currency converter and available at most part of the city but they are not the best place to exchange when it comes to rates. Just like any traditional outlets, they are time-consuming with average customer service. The Outlets are open between from 9.30 am to 6.30 pm which limits its accessibility

Why physically? When it’s best virtually!

Exchanging currency using Forexbazaar is super convenient, this process involves:

  • Visit Forexbazaar website

  • Check the current exchange rate and order it.

  • Receive a confirmation call

  • The Exchanged currency will be delivered at your Doorstep. Or

  • the centre to collect the exchanged currency.

  • Rates Guaranteed!

For Forex, visiting a website is more convenient than visiting an outlet in the traffic of Mumbai.

What would you prefer?

Difference between Traditional Forex Outlet and Forexbazaar

Traditional Forex Outlet Forexbazaar

Visiting Time - 9.30am to 5.30pm

24*7 website is up.


Closed on weekends

24*7 website is available


Available at majority places in Mumbai

Available on all Mobile phones and computers


Better exchange rates than Airport Kiosk and Most Banks.

Much Better rates than Traditional Outlets.


Authorized by Reserve Bank of India (RBI)

Authorized by Reserve Bank of India (RBI)


You will be waiting in a Queue at peak hours.

You can order the exchanged currency at the comfort of your home.


Home delivery is not an option.

Exchanged Currency will be home delivered.


Exchanged Currency can be collected at the Outlet

Pick up Facility is available too.


It may cost fuel and time if the outlet is not nearby.

Data charges may apply if you are not having unlimited internet access, which almost everybody already has it.


The traditional method of exchanging currency.

Online Currency Exchange is trending among youths.


Customer service is slow.

Customer service is the heart of online services.


It can be associated with self-serving restaurants.

It can be associated with online food Apps.

Is Foreign Exchange near Me? Is Not A Question Anymore!

Taking up your Mobile phone, clicking the location icon in settings and searching for “foreign exchange near me” on Google is a great way to avail Forex services. Google will give you a list of traditional Forex outlets nearby your locality. Let’s imagine that you go riding your vehicle, ruining your time, fuel in traffic and finally reaching an outlet, where you are already in a queue and guess what, you are not getting the best foreign currency exchange rates. Does this not stress you out?

Imagine, you have an International flight in a couple of days and you realize you have not exchanged your currency yet. You visit Forexbazaar website, just buy foreign currency online and get it delivered at your Doorstep without any hassle that too in limited time. Isn’t that great? You call up your friend or colleague and guess what? The currency exchange rate you got is far better than the traditional Forex outlet your friend got it from. This is something your friend will appreciate you for and next time he will visit Forexbazaar instead of those obsolete Forex outlets. Getting currency exchanged just like a true metropolitan citizen will make you feel like a boss!

Forexbazaar understands the need for the time. Mumbai is one of the busiest cities on the globe. The city which never sleeps deserves the best.

Why Only Forexbazaar?

For Forex, Mumbaikars choose only Forexbazaar

  • Forexbazaar is a pioneer in the Foreign exchange business in India.

  • Forexbazaar is Mumbai based RBI Authorized FFMC (Full Fledged Money Changer).

  • Home delivery services available all over the city Mumbai.

  • Pick up facility is available too.

  • Head office based in Mumbai.

  • Best customer service guaranteed!

Choosing Forexbazaar is Great! Because...

• Secured & Robust:

The community of Data Hackers is flourishing with the rise in a number of internet users, data security on internet matters more when you are transacting money. Online transaction is common these days and so is hacking. When transacting online it is very important to transact only from the secured websites. Being an ultra-secured website Forexbazaar eliminates the risk of data hacking.

• Transparent:

The Home page displays the Currency rates to maintain transparency and authenticity. This also helps users to compare the rates from other money changers.

• User-Friendly Experience:

The User Interface of Forexbazaar is tried, tested and evolved to provide our visitors a user-friendly website to order currency online, the website is designed in such a way that the user does not require great computer skills to exchange Foreign Currency Online.

• SMS Alert:

Get Notified via SMS once the rate of a currency moves to the desired value.

• Best Deal all over Mumbai:

We have the best rates for Currency Exchange.

• No service Fees at all:

No Service Fees on foreign currency exchange.

Why Forexbazaar can give you the best foreign currency rates on foreign currency exchange in Mumbai?

Buy Forex Online at the best rate, know how?

Every financial market moves and the currency market is not an exception. There will be days when the value of the foreign currency is high, and there will be days when it’s quite low. The exchange rate of the currency depends on the stocks in the currency market. To get the best rate you do not have to keep an eye on the ever-fluctuating currency rates. You can get notified via SMS on your given mobile number.

No stupid charges:

Unlike Traditional Forex outlets, Forexbazaar does not charge you any service fees on foreign currency exchange.

Exchanging Currency on Forexbazaar is Saving Money!

On Forexbazaar you can also,

• Buy Foreign Currency:

in Indian rupees and get foreign currency in return.

• Sell Foreign Currency:

Sell your foreign currency at the best rate and get Indian Rupees in return.

• Remit Money:

Pay your Blood Relative’s college fees from India, remit money directly to foreign Universities bank account from Forexbazaar and save money, also you can send money from India to your dear ones in abroad.

• Get Insured:

Travel Insurance should be must, now get insurance services online.

Products & Services Offered by Forexbazaar

  • Hard Cash Currency

  • Wire Transfer

  • Travel Cards

  • Travel Insurance

  • Travellers Cheque

Forexbazaar is dedicated to providing the best foreign currency exchange service at your Doorstep. Until a world currency is finalized and is used globally you can rely on us.

Happy Foreign Currency Exchanging!!!