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About Forex Bazaar

Cash Forex Is Enchasing The World of Opportunities!

We Just Don’t Remit Money But Beliefs From India Too.

As a human, once our rational needs are met, we aim to satisfy our emotional needs. The exact reason for travelling abroad doesn’t matter, what matter is the experience of being there. Witnessing and living distant human civilization are enlightening enough to make this world a better place. Globalization has surely made people’s life better, sophisticated and is consistently eradicating obstacles to achieve a better world for everyone. We at Forexbazaar strongly believe travelling only can dissolve all the differences in humanity. Imagine! A world without discrimination, where people accept life, the way life is and gets inspired from people globally to make their own living better and beautiful.

Technically we are serving society by providing smooth services of cash Forex and easy currency exchange but over a period of time, we discovered, we are contributing the world in transforming into Global society for better.

Legacy & History of Prime Group of Companies

Forexbazaar is a successful venture of Prime Group of Companies. We are dedicatedly serving our customers with our genuine products and honest services since last 4 decades. Known for customer-centric approach, Prime Group of companies has its strong presence in Travel, Cash Forex, Clothing, Furniture, Food, and in other Service & Manufacturing sectors. Prime Group of Companies is based on a strong philosophy, ‘the more you care for your employees, the more they care for your customers, and the more you empower your employees the more your business gets empowered’. It is because of the energies of our work force we are trusted by businesses and appreciated by our customers for our qualitative services and products.

What is Forexbazaar made of?

We are made of values, boundary lines, and amazing people.

Our Values consists of:


We commit to fulfilling not to impress! We continuously keep evolving our services to save our client’s valuable time.


We believe in long-term smooth business relations, honesty and unity with our customers that help us to get recurring business.

Boundary Lines:

For us, our set of Boundary lines act as a filter which holds us to our value system.

Amazing People:

We are a team of customer-centric professionals; we plan and execute to give standardized services to all our customers. And we do what it takes to fulfil our commitment. There are many amazing stories of our team members, travelling in the lanes of Mumbai who have gone out of their way to reach to our customers when customers were in urgent need.

How we are evolving Forexbazaar as an ultimate platform for Forex in India.

Forexbazaar is one of the pioneers in online Forex in Mumbai. We are continuously working to harness the goodness of the Internet to provide Forex services better with technology. We aim to save a lot of your time in purchasing & selling Forex, we are continuously working to make the process of money transfer, wire transfer and cash Forex more convenient than ever. Some salient features that prove Forexbazaar is the ultimate website for the best Foreign exchange services.

  • Live Currency rates:

    The homepage of the website displays live foreign currency rate which helps you to compare rates with other Forex providers and choose the best. We are a transparent platform to help you better.

  • What you see is what you get!

    The value of a foreign currency displayed on the website will be the rate you will get. We do not have any hidden charges; the final quote you get will be the final amount you have to pay. Either you remit money or sell foreign currency or purchase cash Forex the rate of the currency will be the same.

  • Rate Alert:

    Rate Alert is an amazing feature that notifies you when the rate of your favourite currency moves to your desired value; we have induced this feature so that you never miss out the best rates.

  • Security is number 1 priority:

    Our website is ultra-secure which means your detail is secured within our servers.

  • Call Now:

    We understand, a human touch with technology will provide better Forex experience to our customers, you can reach to us on the displayed mobile numbers on the website, and our team of experts will gladly guide you further.
    We provide all Forex related services at one spot, on Forexbazaar; you can remit money from India to your dear ones studying or working in foreign countries. You can Exchange Currencies, Buy and Sell Foreign Currency and avail cash Forex too. Forexbazaar also offers globally accepted Travel cards and Travel insurances.

Best Currency Rates Guaranteed!

List of Products & Services Offered By Forexbazaar

  • Cash Forex or Foreign Cash Currency

  • Wire Transfer

  • Remittance/ Money Transfer

  • Travel Card

  • Travellers Cheque

  • Travel Insurance

Forexbazaar is committed to providing you smooth Forex services, either it’s online or offline. We are constantly working to evolve our services to make it better each day. We as a team keep pushing our boundary lines to broaden our horizons to serve you better and grow our business with our customer’s appreciation and faith in us.

We are contributing to the world in its transformation to become a global society for better; by being a currency converter and a hub for money transfer & cash Forex Services, by providing peace of mind with our Travel insurance and by being a Forexbazaar to serve the ever-growing need of Mumbai for Forex, we constantly look forward to serving you better than the last time. Together we make our world more connected and happier than ever.

Let’s keep exchanging just more than Money!

Happy Forexing!